Owl Story of Adam Diary

April, 2019

Humans, there are one less!

Description:I first met that student 2 years ago. That day, he came to my tutorial centre, he burst into tears and said, “Please, please help me! Everything is very difficult for me!” “What’s going on?” I was curious to know...


Laziness brings you to become an inventor or computer programmer

Description:Are you a lazy guy, but you still care about the quality of your works? If yes, you have the characteristics to become an inventor or computer programmer.


Monsters hid in the nice scene of Takamatsu piers roaring enormously. It was really scary!

Description:"Are those monsters suffering pains? They cannot endure anymore, so, they were roaring loudly. What will they do if they are able to escape from their current place? Will they do something to harm the world in return?"

March, 2019

Fate Is in Your Hand

Description:I have got a bad fate, so, I have got a bad thought to take me to reach hell. You have got a good fate, so, you have got a good thought to bring you to reach success.


Enjoying My Destined Life

Description:Different people have different lifestyles. I have the freedom to choose mine. It is no good or bad, only suitable or not. I was lucky to find it. I hated to meet any friends and relatives, they were too annoying. Once I met them, I would’ve run as fast as possible to escape from them. I laugh at slaves of wealth, they assume I am mad. I don’t care, there is nothing for me to care for!