Owl Story of Adam Diary

November, 2018

Finding A Needle in The Sea

Description:There are 3 popular topics of Computer Science that I always hear, they are Ai, Machine Learning and Big Data. They seems to be the pillars of the future world. In my opinion, Big Data is like finding a needle in the sea.


My Study Notes Sharing Section Is under Construction

Description:I have been building a nice section for sharing my study notes. I believe, I can do it nicely if I care about it deeply.


Good economic doesn't really make you live better

Description:Economic growth isn't your business, because most of us can't get the benefit with good economy.


Your Emotions Are Good Writing Materials

Description:You would like to write something but don't know what can you write? Writing about your own experience with emotions. Let your audiences feel what you encountered. Many famous authors write in this way.


Video games are like alcohol, you are not aware how harmful it is before you have got a serious problem

Description:Playing videos are joy and excited, it also makes you get addicted. Video games has a process to make players get addicted unconsciously. It is about vanity and revenge, but the most critical factor is learning.