Owl Story of Adam Diary

November, 2018

Strong Feeling of Escaped from Doom

Description:Escaping from a cage, there is another world waiting for you. The world may be either better or worse. The most important thing is that you have a choice.

Diary:On the last Monday this week, I experienced a bad service at Fairwood, the fast-food chain in Hong Kong. The employees threw the bowl of rice noodle onto a tray as usual, you can see all things got wet. Their service was very disgusting. I really hated those employees serving customers with disgraceful attitude.

Of course, I don't want to go to Fairwood anymore, as well as the restaurants in the same district. So, I went to another place for having lunch. There is a bit far, but I really want to escape from a "cage". 

I eventually went to the Discovery Park and had lunch at Ajisen Ramen. The same amount of money as Fairwood, I could enjoy a much better food and service.

Escaping from a cage, there is another world waiting for you. The world may be either better or worse. The most important thing is that you have a choice.  

I was sitting comfortably to eat the bowl of barbeque pork ramen noodles. The soup in the noodle is quite oily. I took a sip of the soup, the taste is too strong for me. They should have put too many fried garlic pieces to make the soup. I tried to not drink the soup, the noodles are good, the barbeque pork and others are nice. 

I had a strong feeling of escaped from a doom.

After lunch, I walked around this district and took some photos. The district is a mixture of old and new. I've suddenly found a small rural area in this busy district. 

I know there is a very big and old grave behind the squatter. I couldn't go inside as the gate in the metal fencing was locked.

December, 2018

High-End Device Is Nicer Than Human

Description:(Fiction) I hate the nearby restaurants which sell ugly food with expensive prices. I liked the meal ordering machine. It taught me how to order my set lunch. That machine is nicer than humans and the Human, the computer-system.


Evil Mind

Description:Gavin would create a conflict, then, he pretends a victim to gain sympathies. Why does a teenage have such evil mindset? He is willing to pay for the unaffordable cost in exchange for unlimited self-satisfaction. Actually, he is incapable to realise the real cost.


The Last Battlefield of A Day

Description:(Fiction) I had been to many battlefields for a whole day. There was another one waiting for me at home. A ridiculous rule caused a silly teacher to make am unfair decision. An unfair decision caused me to suffer a great pressure. I felt wronged. What did I do wrong? I got 90 out of 100 marks that wasn't bad result! Why did I need to bear an anxiety. I hated my school a lot. Will it be better if I imitate Gavin's action.


Hey! It's the time for you to make a change

Description:I learned that when some undesirable things happen frequently, it's a signal from the god to tell, "Hey! It's the time for you to make a change. I can help if you can barely blame!"