Owl Story of Adam Diary

December, 2018

Giving Is an Excellent Way for Celebrating Christmas

Description:spread out the care and love, make them like a heavily pouring rain down everywhere, healing people's sorrow hearts...

Diary:Christmas is just around the corner! 

We all are busy to prepare this joyful festival. You may have a party with delicious beverage and drinking overnight. Making yourself hyper seems to be a sole purpose for Christmas. Or, You may have a warm Christmas dinner with your family for celebrating this full of love festival. 

It doesn't matter how do you celebrate Christmas, I think the main role, Jesus Christ is always easy to be ignored while we are having the joy.

Jesus taught us, "it is more blessed to give than to receive." 

In my opinion, we should execute the above doctrine in order to spread out the care and love, make them like a heavily pouring rain down everywhere, healing people's sorrow hearts.

Do you know many people who are in poverty and homeless over the world? 

London is a prosperity capital city. Unfortunately, it has 28% of people are in poverty, nearly 7,500 people sleep rough on the streets. 

In New York, there are 76,000 homeless people live in the city. 

In Osaka, the homeless population is 7,700 officially and 10,000 unofficially.

In Hong Kong, there are about 1.37 million people are in poverty and 1,127 registered street sleepers. I am sure the real figures must be much higher than these officially published ones.

Showing care and love to people in need in this Christmas season, you will be more blessed.

For a certain reason, we shouldn't give money directly to this kind of people according to a news report.

January, 2019

Machine Learning Shaping The Future of Health Care

Description:After a decade, the technology of ML has been improved a lot. It likes a baby who has already grown up to be a semi-mature teenager. This teenager can contribute adults to make a better decision than ever.


Boasting is nutrient, they cannot live without it

Description:Every time they get pride and satisfaction, their faces would alter a bit. I noticed that one of the "pretty girls", a wrinkle on her face has grown longer, another one has got a new wrinkle. The father's mouth have become a bit wider since...


Being bullied by those two big guys is better than staying alone

Description:Those two big guys were my fellows. I didn't like loneliness. The security staffs caught them out, I was alone again.


Ai-teacher replaced Miss Polly

Description:Miss. Polly is a young and pretty teacher with adorable voice. I bet she must have got many boyfriends. I like looking at her lovely face and perfect body shape, but I really dislike the way she teaches us.