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January, 2019

Who makes rebel students - Chapter 14

Description:Who makes rebel students? A part of originally good teenagers become rebels, because they can't tolerate demanding parents and unfair teachers. So, this kind of teenagers just fight back for justice. Also, some grownups like mocking or insulting teenagers. So, being a rebel teen seems to be necessary for them against unreasonable circumstances.

(Novel: Horrible stuff is deep down inside)

I rushed back to my classroom from library. How could I fall asleep unconsciously? I felt guilty and was willing to get any kind of punishments, except detention. 

Detention is a form of restriction on my liberty. It is a brutal punishment for students. Teachers shouldn't treat students in the same way as criminals!

"Liberty! Oh my goodness. This is a liberty lesson! Mr. Simpson is a villain." I thought that while running back to the classroom. "I bet, he won't order me to attend the detention class as punishment." Last time, Ann came to his lesson late, Mr. Simpson said, "Hi, Corgi," when he caught sight of her.

"Sir, I am Ann, not Corgi," replied Ann. 

"No...No...! You are Corgi, a short-legged dog can't run fast. So, you came to my lesson late, Corgi" Mr. Simpson said excitedly, "Everyone, take a look this Corgi's short legs. They are very beautiful even though they can't run fast. I like them despite I don't like the owner of them!"

The whole class students laughed as loud as the so-called beautiful girls did in my dream.

Ann got hurt at that moment. Insulting students was what Mr. Simpson frequently did instead of a punishment. 

That's why no anyone dared to attend his lesson late, except rebel students, who would fight back to him. 

You know, there is a brave student whose name is Susana, she doesn't tolerate any insults from Mr. Simpson. Few weeks ago, Mr. Simpson insulted Susana in exactly the same way as he did on Ann. Susanna said,  "Simpson, you better keep your words to yourself and shut up your stinky mouth. What short-legged dog? That's you!" Mr. Simpson was furious, "Hey...hey...! You came to my lesson late! It's your fault. You dare to argue with me? Shame on you! I am your teacher, you need to respect me, or, I deduct your conduct mark," said Mr. Simpson.

"Respect is a two-way street. I can't respect anyone who is rude to me, regardless who the person is! Conduct mark is as if a tool for you to suppress a student who is brave to point out your false!" Susanna is a tough girl, she never fears of power. Susanna continued, "Simpson, you aroused other students to stare at my legs, I felt you sexually harassed me. All students here witnessed this case happened! I am considering to report this to the principal, Education Bureau, as well as the police."

Finally, Mr. Simpson really had nothing to say. What he could do was to shout at Susanna madly, "You shut up and sit down."

We all know, Mr. Simpson was afraid of Susanna and other rebel students, because of this reason, a certain number of good students turned to be rebel ones for resistance to his insults.

I recognise, rebel students are not the same as bad students, such as Susanna, she just fights for justice. I believe, if Mr. Simpson punishes students in a proper way, rebel students will no longer exist.

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April, 2019

Humans, there are one less!

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March, 2019

Fate Is in Your Hand

Description:I have got a bad fate, so, I have got a bad thought to take me to reach hell. You have got a good fate, so, you have got a good thought to bring you to reach success.