Owl Story of Adam Diary

February, 2019

Musing- Chapter 16

Description:It was an abnormal situation. I heard schoolmates were talking about Ai-teachers excitedly. Their talking voice was like a monster, as it were chasing after me. Meanwhile, I heard, "I have a great confidence to take over the place of Owl Adam in the coming examination." Who dared to say that?

The library was located at another side of the school campus, I needed to go down to the ground floor, cross the basketball court to arrive there. It was an individual construction standing on a great meadow. A historical building in traditional British style that equipped with modern facilities. I liked it a lot. So, I couldn't wait to go there after school finished.

I got out of my classroom, and prepared to take an internal staircase to go down to the ground. I heard unendurable noise which was coming from upper level. I must've run as quick as I could, because I was at risk of deafness. It was an abnormal situation. Schoolmates were talking about Ai-teacher excitedly. Their talking voice was like a monster, as it were chasing after me. Meanwhile, I heard, "I have a great confidence to take over the place of  Owl Adam in the coming examination." Who dared to say that? I thought, "The voice is quite familiar." I looked backward a bit to sneak-peek that overconfident guy. I saw 3 guys in a group, I didn't clearly know who said that, but I saw him.

"Am I his enemy? I hope I am not. He realised he is my friend!" I thought.

I opened the door of the school library, then entered. As though I heard, "Welcome back!" There was my shelter, where I could forget all unpleasant incidents in the reality. I turned left to go up the stairs. The second floor gave me the feeling of desired home. I randomly picked up a book. Then, I sat in my private sit again, where I fell asleep and had a strange dream in recess.

That dream was pretty vivid. The middle-age women called each other girl. No anyone was willing to accept the truth, turning old was terrible for everyone. I was a 14-year old boy, I couldn't exactly understand how terrible getting old was. I thought of my parents,  they were obviously older than a couple of years ago. They had got more grey hair, more wrinkles on their faces, but less physical energy so that they were easy to get tired. Also, their eyesight was getting worse. They felt difficult to read newspaper, because the font size was too small for them. I believed, the change of appearance which should be the hardest thing to be admitted. So, both women felt better if somebody called them girl. Sometimes, boasting or speaking untruth things were essential to balance people's psychological states, If, boasting didn't make that family members laughed to cause earthquake!

Overthinking the odd dream wasn't good, I started reading the book which I have just picked up. "Oh! How coincident it is! I picked Haruki Murakami's novel again!"  

Just three days ago,  I finished a novel written by Haruki Murakami, that was Norwegian Wood. One of the character from the story named Nagasawa, this guy never touched a book by any author who had not been dead at least 30 years. Nagasawa set this rule because he didn't want to waste valuable time to read any book that had not had the baptism of time. I could only partially agreed with him. If I totally agreed, I should have regretted to read Norwegian Wood, as Haruki Murakami is still alive. Therefore, I would have read contemporary novels which were first published at least 10 years ago and they have gained good reputation. I actually preferred to read vintage novels, such as David Copperfield, Sherlock Holmes and Around the World in 80 Days. Vintage novels often brought me into another world where was very different from the one today. I loved the feeling of time travelling.

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April, 2019

Humans, there are one less!

Description:I first met that student 2 years ago. That day, he came to my tutorial centre, he burst into tears and said, “Please, please help me! Everything is very difficult for me!” “What’s going on?” I was curious to know...


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Monsters hid in the nice scene of Takamatsu piers roaring enormously. It was really scary!

Description:"Are those monsters suffering pains? They cannot endure anymore, so, they were roaring loudly. What will they do if they are able to escape from their current place? Will they do something to harm the world in return?"

March, 2019

Fate Is in Your Hand

Description:I have got a bad fate, so, I have got a bad thought to take me to reach hell. You have got a good fate, so, you have got a good thought to bring you to reach success.