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October, 2018

Windows 10 update may delete your personal files permanently

Description:Back up all your personal files before updating Windows 10 with the latest version!

Diary:Back up all your personal files before updating Windows 10 with the latest version!

After you have updated Windows 10 with the latest version 1809 rolled out in October 2018, you may find your hard disk freed up more space, but your personal files were deleted permanently.

According to CNET reports, users have posted this issued on social networks, alleged their personal files were deleted from their drives. The deleted files were unretrievable even with recovery software.

Microsoft is doing an investigation on this issue.

A better way to deal with this problem is to backup all your files prior do the update, or, you should ignore this update before Microsoft fixed the issue.  

Windows 10 October 2018 update may delete your files during upgrades
February, 2019

The Girl And Zombies

Description:I just saw a pretty girl who was standing under a street light on the opposite walkway. The dusky street was instantly brightened up by her charming look. A bald head man in a pub was also looking at that pretty girl with a lustful glance. When humans had lost their humanity, they would have become zombies. How horrible humans were!


What topics should I write about

Description:What topics should I write about? This question I ask myself once a day. I built It wasn't tough to work on the parts of programming and layout design. Writing the content that was a real challenge. The main purpose for me to build is for monetising. I hope this website which can bring me the second income. Therefore, I read books about writing, social network marketing and so on. I found these books are not helpful, because they teach how to write but not what to write. If I don't even know what to write, the SEO and social network marketing turn into useless. There is no anyone can tell what should you write about, it is a responsibility for a writer to explore. Fortunately, I know what topics should I focus on now.


Ageing Clothes Travelling Around The World

Description:Everyone treated my old clothes as rubbish. No, they weren't. They were clean and warm, they were worth to wear. People only evaluate the worth of a thing according to its brand and price. not the quality or condition.


The Three Programming Languages

Description:Learning these three programming languages don't enhance your opportunity to get a good software development job. Additionally, you should have Mathematics, Commerce or relevant knowledge.