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October, 2018

Windows 10 update may delete your personal files permanently

Back up all your personal files before updating Windows 10 with the latest version!
Back up all your personal files before updating Windows 10 with the latest version!

After you have updated Windows 10 with the latest version 1809 rolled out in October 2018, you may find your hard disk freed up more space, but your personal files were deleted permanently.

According to CNET reports, users have posted this issued on social networks, alleged their personal files were deleted from their drives. The deleted files were unretrievable even with recovery software.

Microsoft is doing an investigation on this issue.

A better way to deal with this problem is to backup all your files prior do the update, or, you should ignore this update before Microsoft fixed the issue.  

Windows 10 October 2018 update may delete your files during upgrades

Cruel experience, I have got some

I don't want to be a grown-up! I will not able to hear my flowers saying thank you to me. Trees will not care of me anymore. Everything is measured by the value of money.

Friday Night Party is interesting, you can ask questions there. Unbelievable! Who made this social network? Every time I ask a question, grown-ups say shut-up. Grown-ups dislike to be asked, but they like asking questions. It's a funny behaviour. Did the founder of encounter the same problem?

Ai Means Artificial Island in Hong Kong. No Intelligence.

HK$500 billion (A$90 billion) on building an Ai (artificial island) to ease overcrowding!

Learning Python

What programming language should you learn? My answer would be Python. Everyone can get benefit from this easy-to-learn programming language.

There will be no Privacy

Your every moment is being recorded. There are so many uncertainties generated by rapidly developing technology. The word "Privacy" may soon be deleted from the dictionary.

Google is called to abandon the China search project

White House calls Google to abandon China search project Dragonfly. Why? What's the reason?

Amazon Go Brings You A Brand New Shopping Experience

You will not have any pain of paying with its brand new technology.Companies earn our money more convenient than ever and our money moving out from our wallets towards them fast.

Supermarkets and convenience stores in Hong Kong never offer you discounts

Buy more to have a greater discount? No way! They charge you much more if you buy less!

How can the UK make the food inexpensive?

Britons only spend an average of 8% of their total household expenditure on food, it's a low proportion comparing with other countries, such as US, Singapore and Japan...
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