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October, 2018

Windows 10 update may delete your personal files permanently

Description:Back up all your personal files before updating Windows 10 with the latest version!

Diary:Back up all your personal files before updating Windows 10 with the latest version!

After you have updated Windows 10 with the latest version 1809 rolled out in October 2018, you may find your hard disk freed up more space, but your personal files were deleted permanently.

According to CNET reports, users have posted this issued on social networks, alleged their personal files were deleted from their drives. The deleted files were unretrievable even with recovery software.

Microsoft is doing an investigation on this issue.

A better way to deal with this problem is to backup all your files prior do the update, or, you should ignore this update before Microsoft fixed the issue.  

Windows 10 October 2018 update may delete your files during upgrades
December, 2018

High-End Device Is Nicer Than Human

Description:(Fiction) I hate the nearby restaurants which sell ugly food with expensive prices. I liked the meal ordering machine. It taught me how to order my set lunch. That machine is nicer than humans and the Human, the computer-system.


Evil Mind

Description:Gavin would create a conflict, then, he pretends a victim to gain sympathies. Why does a teenage have such evil mindset? He is willing to pay for the unaffordable cost in exchange for unlimited self-satisfaction. Actually, he is incapable to realise the real cost.


The Last Battlefield of A Day

Description:(Fiction) I had been to many battlefields for a whole day. There was another one waiting for me at home. A ridiculous rule caused a silly teacher to make am unfair decision. An unfair decision caused me to suffer a great pressure. I felt wronged. What did I do wrong? I got 90 out of 100 marks that wasn't bad result! Why did I need to bear an anxiety. I hated my school a lot. Will it be better if I imitate Gavin's action.


Hey! It's the time for you to make a change

Description:I learned that when some undesirable things happen frequently, it's a signal from the god to tell, "Hey! It's the time for you to make a change. I can help if you can barely blame!"