Owl Story of Adam Diary


A Prison or A School

Description:Does the god want to train me up to be a keen observer in this cruel way. No anyone came to help me while I was being fought by 2 big guys. I can only keep far away from others, admiring them to have happiness. This is my fate!


Teachers Are Barbarians Who Like Punishing Top Students-Novel

Description:(Novel: Horrible stuff is deep down inside Novel) The silly teacher was waking me up, but I was awake! The silly teacher blamed me for my examination result as I got 90 marks. He was proud of another student who got 40. All teachers in my school are merely speaking machines, why they still have a high salary?


I hate my school- Novel

Description:(Novel: Horrible stuff is deep down inside Novel) One smartphone, one world, everyone was isolated and no trespass was allowed. I hate schooling, it is meaningless for me to study those subjects which I never use in my daily life. Thinking too much isn't good, I crashed into the gate eventually. If everyone possesses a bachelor degree, the bachelor degree becomes invaluable. I really don't understand why an employee need to have a bachelor degree for perform the filing and typing jobs. But if you don't have a bachelor degree, you can only work in a fast-food shop and convenience store. High school graduates take middle-age people's jobs, middle-age people take old people's jobs, old people have no jobs to keep themselves alive. You can see how terrible the systemic problem is!


Reading Norwegian Wood, Thinking of People in My Life

Description:People come and go in this period, other people come and go in another period. No anyone can get into my heart. I can only stay with myself at last. I'm lonely.

November, 2018

Strong Feeling of Escaped from Doom

Description:Escaping from a cage, there is another world waiting for you. The world may be either better or worse. The most important thing is that you have a choice.