Owl Story of Adam Diary

January, 2019

Do Not Judge Any People without A Deep Understanding And Do Not Ignore Hints to Prevent Any Undesired Outcomes to Occur

Description:Do you believe in reading a person's body language to give you an accurate understanding of the person? I am sorry to tell you the truth, that is no anyone can do it well. Except, your mother and father, as well as some close friends, because they know you well.


There are not only males and females in the world, diverse has become a legal gender option in Germany

Description:My first thought after took a quick-reading on the heading was, "what the hell? Why does everything in the world become such complicated? A person's gender is naturally occurring, if a person desires to change the sex, the new gender is assigned after a series of operations. I made a big mistake indeed!


Remember to Say Thank You to Your Pets in The New Year

Description:Many people say, you have got a pet, you must be a kindhearted boy. Why no any people would say, this pet is kindhearted, because it is willing to be a pet, brings happiness to its owner.

December, 2018

I reviewed What Incidents Happened Around Me in 2018. Meanwhile, Daisy Sent Me A Nice Photo.

Description:Being a kindhearted guy isn't easy in this society. Bullying kindhearted guys and scaring of villains are common practice. I shame on anyone who would carry out the above behaviours. I hate to meet them. I often escape from the gathering with relatives, I know, they dislike me, either. Should I sacrifice my happiness to entertain them, for fulfilling their empty heart? No, I am not Jesus Christ.


Penalising Loyal Customers Is A Common Behaviour In Hong Kong

Description:A part of them treats me like a friend, we can have a casual talk. The rest of them keep providing worse and worse service. This time is worse than last time and I can expect next time must be worse than this time.